About Us

Ad support Pvt. Ltd. is an advertising agency registered in Kathmandu, Nepal on 2066 BS. It is nearly a decade of professional experience creates and design advertisements for clients of all shapes and sizes, across many different sectors and countries. We are small team of Vision, creativity and hard working people.

It has made consequences shape for clients such as Government Offices, Finances, Banks, Hospitals, Institutes, Consultancies, NGOs, INGOs, Co-operatives, Manpower’s, Colleges, Schools and so on. We specialize in communicating your message to your consumer and customer in an innovative, impressive, morally and memorable way that sets your company, your product or services apart from the competition. We work with a wide range of services and products in a broad spectrum categories. Moreover, we launched your ads in various ways as per your will; paper advertisement, radio/fm advertise, TV advertisement and digital advertisements in social media or online. So, let’s work together.

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